NW Portland

Northwest Portland is a favorite area amongst young urbanites, students, and families who want to leave near downtown. Charming historical buildings (walk-ups) mix with newer high-rise condominium complexes in this area.

Shopping and dining in Northwest Portland’s trendy neighborhoods are big attractors that make the area popular.

The boundaries of Northwest Portland are a bit irregular. The boundaries are approximately Interstate Freeway 405 and the Willamette River to the east, W Burnside S. to the south, NW Cornell Rd. and NW Aspen Ave. to the southwest, the area that goes just past NW Skyline Blvd. to the west and the area that includes Forrest Park to the north.

Distinguishing Features
Northeast Portland includes Portland’s Chinatown and the famous Pearl District. There is also the Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park on the Willamette River and the Portland Art Museum in the downtown area. Sports events are held at Providence Park that has a stadium and sports fields.  The best nature park in Portland is Northwest Portland’s Forest Park. This area is fun for hiking, biking, jogging, and strolling around, while enjoying the experience in a wonderful natural setting.

The only bridge in Northwest Portland is the Northwest Fremont Bridge, which is how the 405 Interstate Freeway crosses the Willamette River. This bridge joins the Pearl District in downtown Portland to the Eliot neighborhood in Northeast Portland.


Forest Park
It is spectacular to live in the neighborhood next to the 5,100-acre Forest Park.


This area has large custom-built homes with spectacular views.


This neighborhood is along the Willamette River.

Northwest District

This is a diverse neighborhood, where many of the charming old homes underwent conversion to small shops and fashion boutiques.

Northwest Heights

Northwest Heights has wonderful homes on Portland’s West Hills with magnificent views.

Old Town Chinatown

This is Portland’s oldest neighborhood. It has an amazing history. Chinese shops and restaurants fill the area with Asian charm.

Pearl District

This area is adjacent to downtown Portland. It has many mixed-use building. There is no need to have a car because everything is within walking distance or reachable by easy access using public transportation. It is a favorite area for young professionals and urbanites.

Portland Suburbs near Northwest Portland


This is an unincorporated area to the west of Northwest Portland. Bethany is the most affluent neighborhood in the State of Oregon and filled with many outstanding luxury homes.

West Haven – Sylvan
This suburb has the beautiful River Gorge and is located in Oregon’s wine country. The population is only 8,000, making it a very desirable area.

The best schools nearest to Northwest Portland are the ones found in Southwest Portland and North Portland. Here are the schools that receive a top rating from Great Schools:

  • Ainsworth Elementary School (K-5) in Southwest Portland
  • Emerson School (K-5) in downtown Portland
  • Beverly Cleary School (K-8) in Grant Park, Northeast Portland
  • Lincoln High School (9-12) in Goose Hollow, Southwest Portland

Public Transportation
The public transportation in Northwest Portland is very efficient. It takes less than 20 minutes to go from most parts of Northwest Portland to downtown Portland.

Amenities and Shopping

There are lots of amenities and great shopping in Northwest Portland and plenty of things to do in nearby downtown Portland. The business districts in Northwest Portland are the Nob Hill and Slabtown districts. There is an industrial district along the banks of the Willamette River to the north.

There are two Multnomah County libraries in Northwest Portland and the nearby areas. One is the Northwest Library and the other is the large Central Library.


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