North Portland

North Portland (called “NoPo” by the locals) is a diverse area with a mixture of single-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial enterprises, wetlands, parks, river ports, and industrial areas.


North Portland (called “NoPo” by the locals) is a diverse area with a mixture of single-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial enterprises, wetlands, parks, river ports, and industrial areas.

The boundaries of North Portland are the Willamette River to the west and northwest, the Columbia River to the north and northeast, and Interstate Highway 5 to the east.

Distinguishing Features

On the western border of North Portland lies the beautiful Willamette River. It separates the northern part of Portland from the northwest sector. The Columbia River passes by on the north and northeastern side.

There are two bridges that cross over the Willamette River. The Northwest Fremont Bridge connects North Portland to Northwest Portland from the Overlook neighborhood.

The St. Johns Bridge connects North Portland to Northwest Portland from the Cathedral Park neighborhood.

North Portland Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods in North Portland include Arbor Lodge, Bridgeton, Cathedral Park, East Columbia, Hayden Island, Kenton, Overlook, Piedmont, Portsmouth, St. Johns, and University Park.

Arbor Lodge

The Arbor Large Park is a nice place to take the family for a picnic.


Bridgeton is on the levy of the North Portland Harbor channel, which makes it a wonderful place for boating and fishing.

Cathedral Park
Cathedral Park is on the Willamette River. It has a beautiful park right on the riverfront. The St. Johns Bridge crosses over from North Portland to Northwest Portland from Cathedral Park.

East Columbia

East Columbia has three stunning golf courses. On the north side are the banks of the Columbia River. The Columbia Slough runs through this area, which is a terrific waterway for a canoe trip.

Hayden Island

Just north of North Portland is the wide Columbia River, which separates the State of Oregon from the State of Washington. Hayden Island is in the middle of the Columbia River on the Oregon side. The island has two superb recreational attractions, which are the Rivershore Pool and the Jantzen Beach Center.


The Kenton district of North Portland has a statue of Paul Bunyan that stands 30-feet tall. Kenton is the home of the Portland International Raceway and the Portland Expo Center.


The Northwest Fremont Bridge connects Overlook with Northwest Portland. By driving down Interstate Avenue or riding on the Yellow Max light rail train, it is easy to get from Overlook to downtown Portland.


Piedmont has the historic Peninsula Park that features exceptionally beautiful rose gardens.


This is a nice area of North Portland with lots of green space and plenty of trees.

St. Johns

The St. Johns neighborhood has the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area with the large Bybee Lake and Smith Lake. There are the smaller Heron Lakes just east of Smith Lake, which is the area for the Heron Lakes Golf Club and the Historic Vanport. The location of Pier Park is to the west of Smith Lake. St. Johns Cathedral is a little south of Pier Park.

University Park

University Park, the home of the University of Portland is on the Willamette River. Columbia Park and Arbor Lodge are near the university. Just south of the university is a shipping port and the Shipyard Commerce Center.

The best schools in North Portland are the ones that receive a top rating from Great Schools and they are:

  • Astor Elementary School (K-8) in University Park
  • Peninsula Elementary School(K-8) in Portsmouth
  • Portland Village School (K-8) in Arbor Lodge
  • Beach Elementary School (PK-8) in Overlook
  • Trillium (K-12) in Overlook

Public Transportation
The TRIMET public transportation system in Portland is one of the best in the United States. In addition to the Greater Portland Metro Bus system, there is a convenient, light rail public train system that runs down Interstate Avenue, which is a large street paralleling Interstate Highway 5. This train goes all the way to the Columbia River, but does not cross it.


There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and places to shop or visit for fun in North Portland.

There is the Multnomah County - North Portland Library in Overlook. There are also
public libraries in Kenton and St. Johns.

Parks & Recreation

There are many public parks maintained by Portland Parks & Recreation and three community centers, which are the Charles Jordan Community Center, the Peninsula Park Community Center, and the St. Johns Community Center.



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